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Friday, May 31, 2013

OPP: Mainstream Music Video Placement

Get your music video where all the Major Label Artists have theirs.


White Knight Music Group (BMI) and Pulse Records USA are offering, select, high quality independent artists/bands a chance to have their music videos placed with our mainstream retail network alliances. These networks include VH1, MTV, BET, FUSE, MuchMusic, “The Bite” & more than 8,500 retail chains across North America. This extensive network reaches over 181.5 Million active viewers nationwide. Content providers, alongside Pulse Records, include 20th Century Fox, Sony, Universal, NBC, CBS, BBC America, Access Hollywood, Epic/Columbia Records and more.  Get your video seen by the world today! 

SUBMISSION DATES: Mar 31st, 2015 - Dec 31st, 2015
GENRES ACCEPTED: Rock, Alternative, Pop, Country, Dance, Hip-Hop and R&B.

-Videos must be well-produced, professional, and ready for inclusion in television programming.
-Artists must own all copyrights - please no uncleared samples or covers.
COMPENSATION: Exposure to over 181.5 million viewers in over 8,500 different locations, on-screen chyron credit, links to your song and official website (where applicable).

SUBMISSION PROCESS: Music videos submitted will all be reviewed thoroughly by Pulse Records staff. The videos which match the submission criteria will then be passed along to the Television Network Producers for approval into their rotation. If selected by the producers, Pulse Records will then provide the usage agreements and FTP upload information from the producer directly to the artist to complete the process and get the video into rotation. There are no additional fees once an artist is selected, only the submission fee listed below.

-A YouTube link to your music video (for producers to stream).
-An HD Quality file of your video for FTP upload (if selected by producers for broadcast). 

SUBMISSION FEE: $20.00 per video
(Fees include all labor & staffing necessary to assure your video is given the attention and consideration it deserves.)